1?2 cured pig head.
1/2 cured pork shoulder (approx. 1 kilo).
Backbone (approx. 1.5 kilo).
2 salted tails (approx. 250 grammes).
Streaky bacon (approx. 750 grammes).
Salted ribs, whole or cut (approx. 750 grammes).
3 salted snouts.
5 salted ears.
5 salted trotters (feet).
10 chorizos from Lalín.
5 onion chorizos.
4 salted tongues.
1 free-range hen (approx. 1 kilo).
Veil: skirt or hock (approx. 750 grammes).
2 pieces of pork lard (200 grammes).
Chickpeas (1 kilo).
Broad beans (700 grammes).
Grelos (turnip greens, 6 one-kilo bundles).
Potatoes (approx. 1.5 kilo).


FOUR DAYS BEFORE: Soak the pork shoulder in cold water to desalinate, preferably in a cool area so no smells develop. Water needs to be changed every 24 hours.

TWO DAYS BEFORE: Thoroughly wash all pork meat (backbone, ribs, head, tails, snouts, ears, etc.) and soak as well in cold water to desalinate and hydrate, changing the water every 24 hours.

ONE DAY BEFORE: Soak chickpeas and beans in different containers.

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