Culture, a great pairing for Lalín Cocido Fair
Since its inception in 1969, the Cocido Fair has gone from being a simple gastronomic festival to becoming a SOCIOCULTURAL exaltation around its main element: THE PIG.

Cocido Poster
The first Cocido posters were signed by printing houses. It was not until 1975 that posters signed by artists started to be made. The Cocido Fair is honoured to have Laxeiro as the first artist who accepted to pave the way for this initiate, making art a great pairing for the Cocido. The artist promotes the Cocido Fair and the Cocido Fair promotes the artist.

Laxeiro was followed by: Sucasas, Virxilio, Paío, Fortes, Alicia Alonso, Santiago Valdés, Aymerich, Moldes, Paco Lareo, Lamazares, Gloria Alonso, Armindo Salgueiro, Xabier Arias, Nicolás, Álvaro Negro, Nicolás, Álvaro Negro, Moncho Borrajo, Fondevila, Macías, Quintana Martelo, Antón García Patiño, Jorge Castillo, Barreiro, Antón Pulido, Chelín, Vidal Souto, Pilar Taboada, Alexandro and Francisco López “Pichi”, and Misha Bies Golas, Miguel Peralta, Francisco Leiro, Paco Pestana, Manolo Paz, Diego de Giráldez, Fernando Pereira...

Cocido Parade
Different parishes and livestock associations use the parade’s amusement as an excuse to show anthropological, ethnographic, socially critical,… aspects related to Lalín and the world.

During these years, we saw recreations of the pig slaughter, the farm, popular festivities, the work related to stone masonry, woodcutters, the sawmill, flax, wheat, vine and wine, the Pope, a wedding, the claims of milk producers, aviator Joaquín Loriga, astronomer Ramón Aller, the West… In short, a didactic lecture along the streets of Lalín.

EmporcARTE (PorkART)
It starts in 2011 as a classroom work by the collective Parede en Branco, founded in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra. The project was conducted in Ramón Mª Aller Museum in Lalín, and was created and crafted by Bibiana Piñeiro, Adriana Pérez and María Gómez.

The artwork has its roots in experiences and reflections on things lived and shared within the pig culture, which is an important part of our idiosyncrasy. Pig culture in Galicia is part of our people’s daily routines, a basic component of everyday life here.

28022011022_19357171274_o“Ramón Mª Aller” Municipal Museum took over from Parede en Branco and made an annual event out of this initiative framed within the Cocido Fair. An encounter that lasts in time, proving the interest of the Town Council of Lalín in promoting Art together with the Cocido Fair, besides encouraging and supporting local creators.

The EmporcARTE showing is intended to be an encounter of several artists in different disciplines. It revolves around a common theme, focusing on Galician popular culture, the Lalín Cocido and the pig figure as the seed to create all pieces.

Artists from Galicia and abroad are invited, and year after year they come to the Cocido of the Arts.

Cocido of the Arts
Meeting of plastic artists, literati, musicians, and lovers of arts and culture from all over Galicia aimed at paying tribute to the Cocido. It starts in 1999 as an annual encounter to address current issues.

In Lalín, Culture = Life
An amalgam of activities surround and give life to the Cocido Fair, just like the pig has given and continues to give life to Galicia. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy music, contemporary dancing, ballet, theatre, exhibitions, cinema, book launches, lectures, etc.

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