The 56st edition of the Cocido Fair will take place on 4 February 2024. This year, the event will feature a programme boasting once again more than 50 activities scheduled throughout the weeks before and after the big day. Unlike other gastronomic festivals held all over Galicia, Lalín Cocido Fair binds together a whole range of options that make our town a point of interest both at regional and national level at the beginning of each year.

For the mayor of Lalín, José Crespo Iglesias, focuses the target grain for this edition "on enhancing those aspects of the Fair that were done well, and on introducing some changes so that the Fair is headed towards excellence and deservedly comply with the recent official declaration of FESTIVAL OF INTERNATIONAL TOURIST INTEREST. El Cocido is a gastronomic celebration in which our most unique and popular dish of Galician cuisine is exalted and, in which there is a firm commitment to quality, participation, citizen collaboration and solidarity.

Cocido Month

“From St. Amarus’ Day to St. Valentine’s Day, Cocido Month in Lalín”, as the saying goes. This means that from 15 January to 14 February, about thirty food-serving establishments in our local region include in their menus our most traditional dish on a daily basis and at a reasonable price in order to achieve maximum exposure among all our visitors and those who dare to savour it. All participating establishments are subject to the Lalín Cocido Fair Seal of Quality, which guarantees visitors the opportunity to live a unique experience.

Promotion of Feira do Cocido

The City Council of Lalín launches a program of promotional events of the 56th edition of the Cocido Fair allowing to disseminate the gastronomic celebration and the tourist attractions of Lalín by cities of Galicia, the national and international territory, accompanied by live cooking by chefs and cooks from Lalín with tastings based on the Cocido, products from Lalín and collaborating firms, which allow us to value the high quality of our hospitality industry and the new values of Lalinense cuisine. The promotional campaign will take place during the weeks prior to the big day of the Cocido Fair. These acts and tastings are endorsed by the Seal of Quality of the Cocido de Lalín, which guarantees the visitor to live a unique experience.

Álvaro Cunqueiro Prize

Among the cultural events, we can highlight the award of the “Álvaro Cunqueiro” Gastronomic Journalism Prize — which includes a section dedicated to junior journalists and awards 4,800 Euro among the winners in different categories — as well as the Galician Gastronomy Awards — which are given during a gala broadcasted live on the Galician TV channel.

Singular Village

This award is mainly intended to recognise heritage, social, cultural and landscape values of the many population centres there are in rural areas of Lalín. Consequently, it will contribute to develop one of the local Government’s main intentions for this mandate: promoting the valorisation, care, recovery, and restoration of places and parishes in Lalín. This distinction is given yearly as part of the events taking place during the Cocido Fair day, taking advantage of this day’s appeal to highlight the importance of our rural environment.

In Lalín, the Cocido is served with Culture

To the aforementioned cultural activities, we must add others such as the "Divercocido", aimed at the little ones; various sports activities, such as the Cocido Rally or the Cocido Race; ethnographic activities such as the Traditional Slaughter, which allows to collect the cultural tradition of the slaughter of the pig, or the musical performances throughout the celebration of the Cocido Fair, to which are added those of local groups within the cultural program. In short, what is intended is that the prominence of this gastronomic celebration, in addition to being an attraction for visitors, becomes of the neighbors, hoteliers and merchants of Lalín and region.

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