The first Cocido posters were signed by printing houses. It was not until 1975 that posters signed by artists started to be made. The Cocido Fair is honoured to have Laxeiro as the first artist who accepted to pave the way for this initiate, making art a great pairing for the Cocido. The artist promotes the Cocido Fair and the Cocido Fair promotes the artist.

Laxeiro was followed by: Sucasas, Virxilio, Paío, Fortes, Alicia Alonso, Santiago Valdés, Aymerich, Moldes, Paco Lareo, Lamazares, Gloria Alonso, Armindo Salgueiro, Xabier Arias, Nicolás, Álvaro Negro, Nicolás, Álvaro Negro, Moncho Borrajo, Fondevila, Macías, Quintana Martelo, Antón García Patiño, Jorge Castillo, Barreiro, Antón Pulido, Chelín, Vidal Souto, Pilar Taboada, Alexandro, Francisco López “Pichi”, Misha Bies Golas, Miguel Peralta, Francisco Leiro, Paco Pestana and Manolo Paz. The poster announcing this 55th Cocido Fair is the work of the renowned multidisciplinary artist Diego de Giráldez.