This was agreed by the councillors José Cuñarro and Avelino Souto with the neighbourhood of this parish at a meeting held yesterday. It will take place in a typical farmhouse, there will be a tasting of typical products in the school house, typical desserts and an ethnographic exhibition.

The 23rd "Matanza Tradicional do Porco" will take place in the parish of Barcia on Sunday 5 February. This was agreed by councillors José Cuñarro and Avelino Souto with the residents of this parish at a meeting held yesterday afternoon at the social centre in which more than fifty people took part.

The councillors indicated that the neighbours of the parish are very excited to be able to hold the "Matanza Tradicional", in an edition in which normality will be restored after the pandemic. They showed their total willingness to collaborate. Souto indicates that "there were even neighbours who could not participate in the meeting who told us that they were willing to lend a hand in the preparations that were needed".

At yesterday's meeting, the venue for the "Matanza" was already agreed: a typical farmhouse, which is located near the church. After the Slaughter there will be a tasting of typical pork products (ribs, bacon and sausages) in the school house, next to the carballeira. The neighbourhood is committed to making typical desserts as well as an ethnographic exhibition in which the process of making baskets or hats, etc. can be seen.

Cuñarro remarked that "we already have the fundamental elements for the "Matanza": the involvement and collaboration of the neighbours, which is essential to carry it out; the house where it will take place and the pig, which we have already bought since last year".

The neighbours agreed to meet periodically to get the preparations underway for the day of 5 February.