The city council of Lalín joins music and theatre for families in a new edition of the Divercocido

The Gramola Gominola, Mum Goat and Bellón Maceiras, Dolphins and Theatre Ghazafelhos present in the Divercocido his last shows. The local artist Luchi Churches will première to 'Don Cocho' a cabezudo created especially for the Divercocido and that itinerará by the villa during the weekend of the event. The event organised by the City council, has the support of the Deputation of Pontevedra and will celebrate the days 16 and 17 April in the carp of the Field of the Fair of Lalín.

The days 16 and 17 of April to carp of the Boiled will fill of theater and of music with artistic proposals of quality and with  exito go in the families. The programming will open the Saturday to the five with a piece of theater that together gastronomy and humour: ' Bon  Appetit' of Theater  Ghazafelhos. A comedy  clown in the that the manufacture of one good dish of boiled puts the three  chefs in serious and fun difficulties. The continuation,  tamen the Saturday, one of the groups of childish music more  aprezado, Mom Goat, will present his new show 'The music of the  buguinas', created and interpreted by Glory Mosquera beside the group of traditional music  Bellón  Maceiras. A proposal that teachs us to love and know our music and in the that go discovering how sound and how are different instruments:  gaita accordion , guitar, percussions, instruments of wind... In this beautiful show musician-theatrical of Mom Goat.
The Sunday the  Divercocido brings it Lalín the concerts of Dolphins and The  Gramola  Gominola.
Dolphins wants to arrive to the heart of the families with rhythms and melodies very diverse that drink of
all the musical styles and that can listened us his works 'You, chocolate,  cafe' or 'The dream of the dolphins'. The  Gramola  Gominola are  autentico rock  and  roll for  crianzas and will put to the families of Lalín to dance with a show in the that joint the most successful songs low the title 'Those that more  molan of the  Gramola!'.
In this edition,  ademáis of the artistic programming, the  Divercocido will explain with a character created
stop the occasion put local artist  Luchi Iglesias. It treats of 'Gift Pork', a  cabezudo that will walk
by the small town as if it was an inhabitant more, and that will commission   difundir the programming of the event
during it tomorrow of the Saturday and the afternoon of the Sunday.
The objective of the City council of Lalín with the  Divercocido and offer a space and a programming around of the party of the Boiled specifically thought stop the families. The event account with the collaboration of the Deputation of Pontevedra.