This year, the Solidarity Cocido is celebrated in aid of the local association Carabelo. This event was introduced by the local Government from the beginning of the mandate in replacement of the former official lunch. The current Government decided to use the Cocido Fair to raise funds for charitable purposes and donate them to different non-profit associations in the municipality, thereby collaborating in the fulfilment of social actions, one of the local Government’s priorities.

Attendance to the 2019 Solidarity Cocido, which will be held in Pazo de Bendoiro on the day of the Cocido Fair (24 February) will be open to the general public. Participation in the feast will be granted after purchasing the corresponding ticket. PASSES WILL BE ON SALE FROM MONDAY, 4 FEBRUARY, UNTIL MONDAY, 18 FEBRUARY, at the Town Hall reception desk, as well as on the premises of Pazo de Bendoiro and at the Deza Entrepreneurs Association (AED) headquarters. The price will be 38 Euro per pass, of which 5 Euro will be assigned in aid of Carabelo as a charitable donation. Additionally, tickets can be purchased via direct deposit of 38 Euro into the bank account ES96 0081 5564 4000 0130 6239. A zero row will also be enabled for those who wish to make a donation without attending the Solidarity Cocido feast.

Carabelo is a non-profit organisation composed of volunteers that was born under the scope of another local association, O Mencer, and whose primary aim is to support the integration of families and minors at risk of social vulnerability. Valentina Díaz is the president of this group which currently works with more than 60 users. The most noteworthy activities carried out by this association include study support lessons for children, afternoon snacks tailored to each child’s religion as well as medical and dental checks, and briefings on personal care and hygiene they organise. Carabelo is based in a facility provided by the Town Council of Lalín, located in the former teacher houses of Xesús Golmar School, where the association performs its activities besides creating their own library.