“The Secretary of State for Tourism has just announced that the Cocido Fair of Lalín will soon be officially declared as a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest, the first gastronomic fiesta in Spain with this distinction”. This was just communicated by the Major of Lalín, José Crespo, in his speech at Fitur, during the presentation of the geodestine Deza-Tabeirós-GDR Pontevedra, which took place yesterday. Crespo emphasized that “there are many Festivals of International Tourist Interest -Holy Weeks, some like Rapa das Bestas and several wine fairs like in Cambados-, but related to gastronomy only ours; that is why we are the first. Therefore, we are very proud of the honour; this is a very special day of satisfaction for the Municipality of Lalín, we have been working for the internationalization of the Cocido Fair for many years, before being a Fiesta of National Tourist Interest we were already working to make it International; we started twenty years ago, so we have the satisfaction of the duty accomplished and a good conclusion”, he remarked. For his part, the Regional Minister of Culture and Tourism defended that “the Cocido of Lalín is more than a meal, is a development tool that generates a lot of economic activity and employment and also identifies a people”. Roman Rodríguez also highlighted the Cocido as a reference element ”of Galician gastronomy because of its influence, although it is celebrated only in a town hall as such, it reaches all the municipalities of the regions and I would dare to say of all Galicia ”. “Today we have very positive news, first for Galicia, second for North of Pontevedra Province and third and very concrete, for Lalín”, he said. “The Cocido Fair of Lalín has just taken a spectacular qualitative step, it will be declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest”, he stressed. The distinction of International Tourist Interest Fiesta is the highest recognition that an event can be achieved in the tourist field, something that so far only got 11 celebrations throughout the Galician Region. It should also be noted that the Cocido Fair of Lalín becomes the first gastronomic party to achieve this recognition throughout Spain.