The speech of the LII Cocido Fair of Lalín is named after a woman, the journalist Sonsoles Onega Salcedo is the chosen one. Journalist of a family of journalists, the profession accompanies her from the cradle. Daughter of Fernando Onega (one of the best journalists in Spain, Adoptive Son of Lalín, who made the speech at Cocido Fair in 1996, Commander of the Cocido Order and winner of the Alvaro Cunqueiro Journalism Award), and also sister of the journalist Cristina Onega (director of the 24 hours TVE channel). Off-road journalist, she is specialized in audio-visual media. She was parliamentary correspondent for 10 years at Telecinco, and currently is the host of “Ya es mediodía”, one of the most successful TV programs in Telecinco channel. She worked at CNN+, in Cuatro channel, and since 2008 he works at Telecinco. He collaborates as a political analyst in the radio program “La tarde de COPE” and in the magazine “Glamour”. In 2015, the Association of Radio and TV Professionals awarded her the Silver Antenna Award. She combines her profession with the literary facet. Author of several novels and a book of stories, she won the Short Novel Letters Prize and the Fernando Lara Novel Prize. Mother of 2 children, in her blog “La vida de G”, she writes about her experience as mother of a diabetic child, fact that radically changed her life.