The opening ceremony of the Cocido Fair promotional tour around the main farmers markets in Galicia was an absolute success at all levels. This proves that this innovative initiative replacing the Cocido Bus was the right decision.

Over the course of the morning, hundreds of Pontevedra residents and tourists visited the promotional setting to request information about Lalín and its Fair, as well as to taste the tapas.

Anabel Gulías, Francisco Vilariño and Rafael Cuíña agreed on the good understanding between Lalín and Pontevedra Councils, a determining factor — among others — in initiating the promotional events in this city. The municipal representatives highlighted the strength of the Cocido as an attractive element for visitors, and described it as a dish that puts Lalín on the map. They stressed that this year’s Cocido Fair, which will take place on 24 February, is the most important gastronomic festival in winter. This is the reason why the Local Government has been making great efforts to broadcast it in order to beat, one more year, the record of pork stews served in the restaurants of Lalín. Lastly, all Pontevedra residents were invited to visit Lalín during the Cocido Month and to attend the big day on 24 February.