The poster for the LI Lalín Cocido Fair was officially presented today in Colón street, right in front of the pig statue. It has been designed by Almerian artist settled in Lalín Miguel Peralta, member of the local cooperative Cestola na Cachola. This collective self-employment project is now part of the roll call of artists — both local and foreign — who have recreated their peculiar plastic and aesthetic vision on this key element within the celebration of the Cocido Fair, as the poster becomes its presentation letter and image in all ceremonies, events and activities organised around this festivity of national tourist interest. The poster’s central part shows a woman who, rather than working, is enjoying the festivity while holding on her head a valuable basket. The woman is having a dish of cocido (pork stew). The steam connecting the plate with the basket contains numerous details whose interpretation is left up to the individual.

Cestola na Cachola is born in 2013, providing self-employing to a team of three people: Xoana Almar, Miguel Peralta and Raquel Doallo. One of the cooperative’s lines of work is linked to artistic creation (painting, illustration and muralism); another, to participatory social projects (promotion of cooperativism, group facilitation and social research in the field of international cooperation and education for development). Additionally, combining “social and artistic matters”, Cestola na Cachola develops initiatives such as an ethical and sustainable fashion line that markets Eco-Fair Trade clothing with prints of their own drawings. The Mayor of Lalín, Rafael Cuíña — together with councillors Nicolás González Casares, Lara Rodríguez and Francisco Vilariño —, presented the artwork this afternoon accompanied by the Lalínean representative of Cestola na Cachola, Raquel Doallo. It was precisely Doallo who pointed out that this is a very visual artwork based on the ideas and opinions of the three group members. The image is wide open to the particular interpretation of every citizen. It revolves around the details that the poster’s female protagonist holds on her head, which are also connected to different issues relating to Lalín and its society (music; natural, artistic, cultural heritage…). The Municipal Government explained that one of the prerequisites for the 51st edition poster of the Cocido Fair was that women needed to have a prominent role. This is reflected not only by the main figure, but also by the predominant violet colours in the composition or the capital holding the basket, which is a reference to caryatids — sculpted female figures used in Greek times to support a building’s entablature. The proposal is full of reflections too, and it is quite different from previous years, as it is composed of many elements and details. Undoubtedly in the eyes of the Municipal Government, a poster full of art, worthy of Lalín Cocido Fair, that reclaims the role of women in the 51st edition of this festivity in which women play such a distinguished, active role.

Cestola na Cachola

CESTOLA NA CACHOLA is a collective self-employment project consisting of three people with the aim of working on what they love while applying their personal knowledge and training. Two of the cooperative members — Xoana Almar and Miguel Peralta — make murals, paintings and illustrations. The third member, Raquel Doallo, works in and advocates for social and solidarity-based economy as well conscious consumption.

With this as a basis, Cestola na Cachola is constituted as a cooperative: a company with democratic, shared management (one person, one vote — regardless of the capital contributed). It is also committed to associated work, in which its members join together to pool their working skills. Moreover, Cestola na Cachola is a non-profit initiative: under the premise that “a salary is not profit”, its members defend their right to earn a living wage by selling their products and services. Prices of clothes, illustrations, etc., — which are publicly displayed on their on-line store — are calculated in order to preserve the cooperative’s structure (costs of materials, staff…) without any of the partners personally enriching themselves. In case profits are derived from the cooperative, these won’t be split amongst partners, but redeployed to strengthen the project.

In this context, CESTOLA NA CACHOLA is born with the belief that the conventional economic model needs to be changed, and that this change will come from a conscious and organised society. Against individualism, the group proposes union and networking. This project also includes the participation of Julio Brandido as a collaborating partner.

Xoana Almar and Miguel Peralta are the artistic part of CESTOLA NA CACHOLA: Xoana trained as illustrator, economist and anthropologist. Miguel studied illustration and his profile is characterised by a broad experience in urban art (graffiti, muralism…). They have been working in the field of painting since 2008, making paintings, murals, storybook illustrations, posters… Combining individual and joint creation.

For her part, Raquel Doallo is an economist who has worked in several social action and environmental awareness projects in recent years.

History of the posters

The first Cocido posters were signed by printing houses. It was not until 1975 that posters signed by artists started to be made. The Cocido Fair is honoured to have Laxeiro as the first artist who accepted to pave the way for this initiate, making art a great pairing for the Cocido. The artist promotes the Cocido Fair and the Cocido Fair promotes the artist.

Laxeiro was followed by: Sucasas, Virxilio, Paío, Fortes, Alicia Alonso, Santiago Valdés, Aymerich, Moldes, Paco Lareo, Lamazares, Gloria Alonso, Armindo Salgueiro, Xabier Arias, Nicolás, Álvaro Negro, Nicolás, Álvaro Negro, Moncho Borrajo, Fondevila, Macías, Quintana Martelo, Antón García Patiño, Jorge Castillo, Barreiro, Antón Pulido, Chelín, Vidal Souto, Pilar Taboada, Alexandro, Francisco López “Pichi”, and Misha Bies Golas. Last year, on the golden anniversary of the Cocido Fair, it was Laxeiro’s turn once again.