Next Tuesday, 15 January, St. Amarus’ Day, the XXI edition of the Cocido Month will start in Lalín, which, as the saying goes, will conclude on 14 February, St. Valentines’ Day. Although the Cocido season lasts from the first cold spell until well into spring, the Cocido Month is a period marked in red on the calendar of thousands of visitors who come to Lalín around this time of the year, together with friends and family members, to enjoy a good pork stew in one of the many restaurants participating in this municipal initiative with two decades of existence. In particular, according to the Councillor of Tourism Francisco Vilariño, this year there will be 25 participating restaurants, offering enough capacity for up to 3,500 daily diners. “This demonstrates”, declares the Councillor, “that the Cocido Month is a fully consolidated initiative that also underlines the great potential of the star dish in Galician gastronomy, one of the main identity signs of Lalínean people”. Furthermore, Vilariño recalls that this period’s perspectives “are very positive and exciting; the sector itself is reporting a record start to the season.

Prices of pork stews range from 20 to 45 Euro, with an average of 26 Euro, “a price adjusted to the quality offered in the different restaurants for a very complete meal”. Diners from across the Galician geography and beyond who arrive in Lalín during this month, especially during the weekends, will be able to taste the Cocido pork stew either with or without prior reservation. Participating restaurants will be subject to the Lalín Cocido Fair Seal of Quality, an element intended to safeguard and guarantee the values and quality of this dish, as well as to ensure that the experience of tasting Lalín pork stew can be as pleasant and flavourful as possible for the visitors. This distinction tightened its requirements two years ago with the intention of maximising this meal’s value. Hence, diners themselves grant the Seal by filling out the surveys distributed in the different establishments. Francisco Vilariño also reported that the distribution of Cocido pins among the establishments is already planned. This badge that will be decorating visitors’ clothings in the coming weeks is one of the main promotional emblems of the Cocido Fair.

Francisco Vilariño recalled that this edition follows the course of action established by the Town Council of Lalín during this last mandate, when for the first time a public tender was launched to sponsor the development of the Cocido Month Quality Commitment, which puts an end to the previous Government’s procedure involving payments by the establishments without any record. In this edition, coinciding with the LI Cocido Fair, the minimum required contribution is 100 Euro, amount offered by most of the establishments. Through this sponsorship, the Town Council commits to spreading the collaboration of the affiliated companies by advertising them in leaflets and programmes. Additionally, each establishment will receive a certification label.

The 25 collaborating restaurants that guarantee the Cocido pork stew in their menus during this month are: A Taberna de Vento (Botos), Bar Manolo (Donramiro), Bar O Polo (Lalín), Bar Restaurante Suso (Carragoso), Casa Currás (Lalín), Casa do Patrón (Doade), Casa SanMartín (O Corpiño), Hostal As Vilas (Lalín), Parrillada Villanueva (Lalín), Restaurante Pontiñas (Lalín), Mesón O Cruce (Vilatuxe), Parrillada Taboada (Lalín), Pazo de Bendoiro (Bendoiro), Pensión Las Palmeras (Lalín), Restaurante O Cazador (Catasós), Asador O Toxo (Lalín), Restaurante Cabanas (Lalín), Casa Pablo (A Goleta), Hotel Spa Norat Torre do Deza (polígono Lalín 2000), Restaurante El Rincón de la Mariposa (Lalín), Restaurante Kilómetro 0 (Lalín), Restaurante La Estación (Botos), Restaurante La Molinera (Lalín), Restaurante Onde Antonio (polígono Lalín 2000), Restaurante La Robleda (Vilatuxe). Also in Madrid there is the participating restaurant Sanxenxo. Sponsorships are complemented by butcher’s Varela, Cárnicas Anzo, and Embutidos Lalínense; greengrocer’s Lalín Frut; bakeries José Nercellas, La Artesana, and Fernández Puarsa; cheese and dairy shops Hoxe, Dona Cobiña-Cobideza, Kalekoi, and Lácteos Pazo de Anzuxao; and beverage companies Deza Distribuciones, Exclusivas Campos, Licores Pousa, Ricardo Vázque e Hijos C.B., Difansa, and Distribuidora Celdas 2017.

The Councillor of Tourism thanked all collaborators for their interest and emphasized that it is the Lalínean establishments commitment to excellence what underpins the Cocido Month success. They have managed to raise Lalín’s Cocido to the highest standard of quality and prestige, thus contributing to having thousands of visitors coming to our municipality every year in order to enjoy this meal, boosting the local economy and society. In particular, Francisco Vilariño wanted to highlight the tremendous efforts made by municipal worker José Luís González in the organisation and smooth running of this Cocido Month.