The Town Council of Lalín will launch this week the new set of promotional events for the 51st edition of the Cocido Fair that will help broadcast this gastronomic festival and Lalín’s tourist attractions in the main cities of Galicia by making use of their farmers markets. As the Councillor of Tourism Francisco Vilariño explained, the municipal Government chose this year this innovative proposal to advertise the Cocido as well as the tourist resources in our town. In particular, the initiative will imply touring the six main and best known farmers markets of our autonomous region, where a presentation of the Cocido Fair will be held — sponsored by GADIS, and in collaboration with ABANCA and COREN — that will include live cooking performed by Lalínean cooks along with free tapas tastings based on the Cocido pork stew and the Lalínean products, which will simultaneously allow to place value on the high quality of our catering industry and the new values of Lalínean cuisine. The events will always be accompanied of a broad selection of products made in Lalín, ideally complementing this promotion campaign, as well as the commercial offer of the municipality in general.

The intense promotional campaign will develop over the coming weeks. It will take the Cocido to the most important farmers markets in Galicia, which will not only work as engines of the local trade, but also become attraction points for visitors. The programme will start in Pontevedra (18 January), and will continue visiting Vilagarcía (26 January), A Coruña (San Agustín Market, 2 February), (Vigo, 5 February), Lugo (9 February), and Santiago de Compostela (16 February). In all cases, these are well recognized markets with a verified turnout, which will ensure an effective promotion of the event, reaching a large target audience subject to subsequently visit the Cocido Fair that will take place on 24 February. Promotional sessions will be taken care of in every detail and organised so that they capture the attention of anyone that walks into the markets. In this regard, a gastronomic setting will be arranged with wood finishings and an eye-catching, versatile design comprising a kitchen and space for tourism marketing activities equipped with all tourist and cultural promotion material of the Municipality (street maps, brochures on the numerous tourist attractions in Lalín), as well as a TV screen to stream videos advertising the Municipality, among other resources.

Francisco Vilariño pointed out that the Government chose this year this innovative promotional method in replacement of the Cocido Bus considering that, after three years of successful touring, it was time for a change in the Cocido Fair marketing initiatives in order to achieve maximum impact again. “The Cocido Bus”, explained the Councillor, “was an original and innovative proposal that allowed us to masterfully promote the Fair and tourist offerings in Lalín, yielding outstanding results. However, after several years of touring towns and cities across Galicia and beyond, the Government understood that its impact factor may decrease, so for 2019 we bet on a change. Even so”, he added, “after studying several options, we decided to promote the Fair by taking advantage of the appeal generated by the main farmers markets in Galicia, which ensure a large volume of target audience. We are certain”, said the Councillor, “that this method will yield excellent results and will trigger a very positive response from citizens. With this idea”, he added, “we try to place value on the key role of farmers markets as an example of local commerce and quality products. Moreover, taking into account the very close relationship between Lalín pork stew and some of the most renowned Galician products in terms of quality, and since all of these products can be found in such markets, we believe this promotional method will perfectly adjust to what we try to convey and will ensure that our dissemination objectives for Lalín Cocido Fair are largely achieved”, concluded the Councillor of Tourism.