There will be an extraordinary chapter of the Encomenda, within a series of activities dedicated to Galicia.

The Feira do Cocido de Lalín is a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest. During the month of March 2022 the Cocido de Lalín will be the protagonist of an important event in the city of Miami, organized by the Association of Galician Businessmen in the United States. A series of cultural and gastronomic events that have been presented in Lalín by José Manuel Brandariz, president of AEGUSA, together with Antonio Rodríguez Miranda (general secretary of Emigration), accompanied by the mayor José Crespo and the councillor of tourism Begoña Blanco.

Although the main details of the programme of events are still to be defined, it has been decided to place a Galician cross on a street in Miami, as well as the location of a monolith symbolising the Jacobean connection between North America and Santiago de Compostela. As part of these events, a meal will be organised with the Cocido de Lalín as the star dish for the authorities of Miami, Galicia and, most importantly, for the Galicians living there, who will be able to taste our main dish prepared by cooks from Lalín who will travel with the expedition; a meal that is estimated to bring together some 300 or 400 diners. Brandariz has also confirmed the performance of the Galician artist Carlos Núñez among these acts of symbolic importance for the culture, economy and tourism of Lalín and Galicia.

Business mission

The Mayor of Lalín raised the possibility, in collaboration with the AED, of bringing a group of Lalín businessmen to Florida with the possibility of creating commercial synergies between the two sides of the Atlantic.
As the participants explained, the event will be financed by AEGUSA and other Galician institutions, thus helping to spread the fame of our Feira do Cocido.