The Town Council of Lalín will hold a new firework show on the occasion of Lalín Cocido Fair that will take place at midnight on Saturday, 23 February. This initiative was introduced last year as one of the main novelties within the Fair’s schedule of events. As the Councillor of Tourism Francisco Vilariño announced, “given the show’s good reception last year, we decided to repeat it to fill with content, light and colour one of the most festive, special and busy nights of the year in Lalín: the eve of the Cocido Fair”.

With the aim that this firework session can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, the show will take place at Town Square (Praza da Vila), facing Lalín’s Church, in a location that offers ideal centrality so that the spectacle can be seen from all over the town without having to go anywhere else. The firework display was commissioned to one of the leading, most reputed companies in Galicia, which is already working on the design. According to the Councillor of Tourism, this year’s show will have an even higher quality than last year’s. The session will last about 15 minutes and will feature nearly 3,000 fireworks.

Francisco Vilariño pointed out that “we are aware that hotel occupancy will be full during that weekend, therefore we want to convey the image of a modern and dynamic town”. But, at the same, “we also know that many people from neighbouring towns and from the rest of Galicia, without spending the night, won’t miss the opportunity to visit Lalín and soak up the exceptional atmosphere, try out a dish of pork stew and check the highest quality of our restaurants and stores”.

On his part, Mayor Rafael Cuíña declared that this pyrotechnic show will, one more year, “dazzle and delight the thousands of people who will seize the night to enjoy the huge gastronomic and leisure offer in our town”. As he stated, “it is not only about offering a new and attractive alternative for the residents of Lalín, but to favour the arrival of more out-of-town visitors, making it a scheme that will impact considerably the social and economic revitalisation of our town and its productive framework, further contributing to the continuous development of the Cocido Fair as one of the major tourist and economic engines of Lalín”.